Wait. It’s time for holiday shopping? Didn’t I just get all the Thanksgiving leftovers out of the fridge (also, no judgement if they’re still in there…life is hard). I remember being a little kid and the month of December seeming like the LONGEST MONTH OF THE YEAR. Not the same in my thirties. This shit creeps up.

Sorry. That’s not the right spirit.

I put a pretty serious emphasis on avoiding the malls around holiday shopping time. Like I’m sure many of our Palomino shoppers do. Not just because every time I step into Providence Place Mall in December, I feel like I shave roughly 2 years off my life (which I do)…but because I like the thought of supporting other independent artists. Duh. And more often than not, I feel like I’m giving a more thoughtful and intentional gift when I didn’t grab it in the checkout line at Home Goods (a.k.a. Manipulation Aisle…that I low-key fall for every time).

That said, let’s be real. Coming up with gift ideas for the people in your life all at once is hard. PERIOD. It’s hectic, exhausting, time consuming, etc. So we thought we’d help you out a bit and offer up some of our favorite goodies at the shop right now.

Crescent Hoops

These crescent moon hoops from Alchemilla slay us. Crescent moons often represent birth cycles and fertility and may be worn to represent womanhood. In case you really want to wow the recipient.

Miakoda Medicine Pouch

Medicine pouches are traditionally meant to offer guidance, good luck, health, protection…even love…to those who carry them. Typically, each medicine pouch should contain an item from the plant kingdom, the animal kingdom, and the human world. Try your best to fill the pouch with items that you associate with the person you’re gifting. Like a dried flower they love, a pretty feather, and a pin from a place you’ve traveled together. This pretty medicine pouch from Miakoda is not only beautiful, but could also be a totally meaningful gift.

Serpent Shoulder Bag

COME ON! Can you even handle this Serpent Shoulder Bag from Three Arrows Leather? Completely hand-crafted and hand-painted, you’d be gifting a totally one-of-a-kind bag. To dive a little deeper, in terms of symbolism, Orange means family. White means purity and innocence. In the spirit animal world, an orange and white snake’s presence in your life could represent a close familial relationship, like the relationship between a parent and child.

Coffee Grapefruit Scrub

So coffee actually does the same thing for your skin that it does for your body. WAKES IT UP. And citrus, especially grapefruit, acts as a natural detoxifier for your skin. This Coffee Grapefruit Scrub from Moon Rivers Naturals as the perfect gift for that person in your life that is always on the go. It will help maintain their skin with their hectic schedule, but will also be a reminder to take time for themselves and use it!


These are just a few of the gifts we have up for grabs here at Palomino. Of course, we included the items we have up on our website right now. If you see something on our Instagram that you’re dying for, come by and check us out. OR, shoot us a line and we’ll work on getting it out to ya.

‘Til next time, Palominos!