Hey Palominos!!! Michelle M. here. We’ve been hard at work here at Palomino, and as the fall approaches, we’ve decided to add a few new fun features for y’all! One being this blog (which you’ve probably gotten to by way of our fancy new website – thanks FXV Digital Designs!). We’ll be frequently updating here with tips, thoughts, ideas, gripes, and whatever else strikes our fancy, so keep checking back. Let’s get right to it.


Do you do it? I do. For those of you who haven’t been well-versed in the act of “smudging”, let me explain. A practice called “Sacred Smoke Bowl Blessing” can be traced back to Native Americans, who would burn herbs in a bowl because the smoke was believed to cleanse the spirit. Cut to 2018, and we tie the dried herbs together and light the bundle in a room that we feel has bad juju. To streamline the process. Because, you know, it’s 2018 and societally, aren’t we all about streamlining?

However, recent studies have shown that there is MORE TO OFFER from smudging. The use of “medicinal smoke” (via smudging) apparently does a lot for the heart, mind, and skin. Need that to sound more scientific? The use of “medicinal smoke” offers a variety of pulmonary, neurological, and dermatological benefits. You took that more seriously, huh? Good.

Let’s get personal for a minute. My partner LOVES bleach. He’s convinced it is the cleaner to beat all cleaners and should be used in an all-purpose way. When it melts a plastic surface, he says it “came that way”. When I complain about the smell, he says “It smells clean in here”. If his mom is reading, please explain to me where this came from. I digress…

Bleachers, take heed! SMUDGE. INSTEAD. Research shows that one hour of smudging will remove 94% of airborne bacteria. The bacteria spread from a standard human sneeze can live in the air for up to 45 minutes. I’m not sure how the math of these two facts work out exactly, but I find it encouraging to know the following:

That bundle of sage cleared as much, if not more shit out of the air than almost all chemical cleansing sprays. Your pets thank me for sharing this with you.

So smudge. No harm/no foul, right? And just because I love each of you, I’ve shared some of our favorite “smudging” items here. Check ‘em out! Til next time, Palominos.

Palo Santo Bundle

Sage & Palo Santo Bundle

Sage and Juniper Smudge Bundle